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(A swatch of the Chevron Flame at http://www.knitsavvy.com)

If you are beyond the stockinette stitch, garter stitch, you would probably appreciate a knitting stitch dictionary. We found a simple, clean website called Knit Savvy. While it doesn’t have very many stitches, it still deserves a chance. It’s clean, and easy to navigate. You can find the website at http://www.knitsavvy.com There is also another website that has a large variety of stitches. However, this one isn’t as clean as Knit Savvy is. It is located at this website.


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Why hello Mr.Knitter, how are you today?

“Another gender barrier is falling, as boys and men take up knitting for fun, relaxation and, in some cases, profit.” Reads CBS News. Girls aren’t the only ones who knit these days, but it’s still very rare that you’ll see a guy shopping through A.C Moore searching for his “perfect” yarn.

Google Labs has also shown that more New Yorkers knit than any other state in the USA. Next on the list is Portland, Oregon. So, what has become so attractive about knitting? Is it the new age fashions? Or, the total desire to make your own clothes, and your own style?  Knitting Pattern magazines such as Knit 1 are becoming more abundant in hot and attractive wear that would make both knitters and non-knitters alike become fascinated with the knitting craze. .

Teens and young children can be seen knitting in cars, buses, schools, and even playgrounds. Knitting isn’t a unique hobby anymore, but expert knitters still have something to boast about. Maybe expert knitters are going to be booted up to the label “Senior Knitters”. Who knows what the future will bring? The next thing we need to see is six month old babies knitting tiny hats for themselves.  ~Kaya

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Five Top Reasons

I’ve set my mode to thinking about TKaCM, and why we need such a magazine. So, I’ve decided to do a post about the Five Top Reasons why TKaCM is a great digital magazine for teen knitters.

1. Because not many of us have jobs. Jobs = no money. No money equals no magazine, and no magazine equals no connections. So, Teen Knitter and Crocheter magazine is a good choice for teens because currently, its a free digital magazine written BY teens FOR teens!

2. We don’t like to be stereotyped. With every knitting/crocheting book/magazine that is “supposed” to be directed towards teens, we have been looked at as if we enjoy knitting/crocheting with bright, bright colors, sequined yarn, size eleven needles, and lastly – fun fur. With a magazine created by us for our peers, we can exclude those stereotypes, and create what we like! It’s a good chance that what one teen suggests, other teens will like it because they are on the SAME LEVEL!

3. Knitting/crocheting isn’t just for grannies, sorry ninth grader peer! With this magazine, we can prove to our disaproving peers that knitting/crocheting is not something uncool, and a waste of time! We can prove our creativity, and share the knitting/crocheting bug. Teen knitting/crocheting is something to be admired (as adults are), not something to push down!

 4. Connection! Teen Knitter and Crocheter magazine is a great way for teen knitters/crocheters to connect! With Teen Knitter and Crocheter magazine teens from Ravelry, and teens that are not from ravelry can join together, share patterns, knitting experiences, and hear everyone’s story!

5. Fiber Crafting Forever – With TKaCM, the magazine will eventually go through many changes and many teens will help it change. We’ll all keep pruning it, and we’ll work together to create a mark in history – the Knitting/Crocheting Golden Age.

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I like yarn.
I really like it.
Actually, I also like fabric and buttons and lace, as well as ribbon and bias binding and thread and ink and paint and paintbrushes and glue – but this is a knitting magazine (and crochet magazine, don’t hound me) and mostly we knit with yarn. (Personally I’ve never been fond of the experimental stuff spun up by fibre artists, although I acknowlege it as a form of art. Art, not knitting material.)

But I want to knit a cardigan – actually, two. And I want them to be perfect, which means choosing materials wisely. (I have made two jumpers and a cardigan from handwash-only wool and I’ve never washed them.) For me, choosing which yarn to use to knit a garment with is a little akin to deciding whether to paint with acrylics, watercolours or inks. But unlike art materials, where the initial cost is high but you get your money’s worth in the long time it takes to use a tube of acrylic paint up, yarn costs a lot.

Costs a lot.
Then you knit with it. Use it up. Hopefully you wear your jumper lots, and hopefully (unlike me, apparently) you wash it.
And then what? You need something else to knit. So you have to buy more.

It’s so hard. Hard because I’m sixteen and am saving nearly all of the money from my Saturday job towards art school. Hard because I’m fussy and refuse to use materials which are cheap in quality. I know that some knitters (or crocheters – stop hounding me!) will buy yarn on impulse, because it’s pretty, but personally I’m not like that. I have to have a purpose.

(…At least, I’m not like that now. I think that I was when I started knitting, for I’ve got various balls and skeins of yarn that I have no desire to knit with.)

I know that I shall simply have to find a compromise, and knit with a second-choice instead. And I’m sure I’ll be perfectly happy when I’ve finished the cardigans.

But even so. I’m dreaming of baby alpaca and silk as I order inexpensive superwash merino.


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