Please read through our frequently asked questions before sending us any inquires. Use crtl + F to find what you are looking for.

Q. I am an editor. Will you email me regularly?

A: Only for editing purposes.

Q: Everyone took all of the columns, is there anything else I can do?

A: Yes, you can write a fictional/non-fictional story, a non-columnist article, pattern, or volunteer as an editor!

Q: Do I have to write every month?

A: If you volunteered to do a column, yes. Some columns do not require the same person to write for it every month. It all depends. If you are just doing free-hand designing, article writing, or fictional work – no you do not HAVE to publish every month.

Q: How often will you publish?

A: Bi monthly.

Q: Do you need more editors?

A: Currently, no. Sorry.

Q: Will the magazine be an ebook, or a real magazine?

A: It will be an Ebook or in PDF format.

Q: What will the website (www.teenknitter.com) be used for?

A: As a hang out for teens only.

Q: How come the website doesn’t work?

A: We are still working on it.

Q: Can pre-teens publish too?

A: No.  Sorry, it’s strictly for teenagers ranging from 13-20.

Q: Will I get paid for what I do?

A: No, sorry.  Volunteering means no pay.

Q: Can adults publish teen-related patterns too?

A: Yes.

Q: Is this some sort of kiddy project?

A:It’s a project, yes – but it’s not kiddy. Everyone contributing to this magazine thinks its fun, but they are serious about it too.

Q: Where can I see the magazine?

A: At tkacm.wordpress.com/issues/

Q: How many tasks can I do?

A: Usually, one. We’d love to save something for someone else to do. And usually one article is enough. 😉

Q: Can I change the formatting of my article?

A: If it isn’t messy, sure. However, if it is not suitable for the magazine, we won’t accept it. 🙂

Q: Can I design the front cover?

A: Send in your examples to: tkacmagazine@rocketmail.com


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