Why hello Mr.Knitter, how are you today?

“Another gender barrier is falling, as boys and men take up knitting for fun, relaxation and, in some cases, profit.” Reads CBS News. Girls aren’t the only ones who knit these days, but it’s still very rare that you’ll see a guy shopping through A.C Moore searching for his “perfect” yarn.

Google Labs has also shown that more New Yorkers knit than any other state in the USA. Next on the list is Portland, Oregon. So, what has become so attractive about knitting? Is it the new age fashions? Or, the total desire to make your own clothes, and your own style?  Knitting Pattern magazines such as Knit 1 are becoming more abundant in hot and attractive wear that would make both knitters and non-knitters alike become fascinated with the knitting craze. .

Teens and young children can be seen knitting in cars, buses, schools, and even playgrounds. Knitting isn’t a unique hobby anymore, but expert knitters still have something to boast about. Maybe expert knitters are going to be booted up to the label “Senior Knitters”. Who knows what the future will bring? The next thing we need to see is six month old babies knitting tiny hats for themselves.  ~Kaya


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