I like yarn.
I really like it.
Actually, I also like fabric and buttons and lace, as well as ribbon and bias binding and thread and ink and paint and paintbrushes and glue – but this is a knitting magazine (and crochet magazine, don’t hound me) and mostly we knit with yarn. (Personally I’ve never been fond of the experimental stuff spun up by fibre artists, although I acknowlege it as a form of art. Art, not knitting material.)

But I want to knit a cardigan – actually, two. And I want them to be perfect, which means choosing materials wisely. (I have made two jumpers and a cardigan from handwash-only wool and I’ve never washed them.) For me, choosing which yarn to use to knit a garment with is a little akin to deciding whether to paint with acrylics, watercolours or inks. But unlike art materials, where the initial cost is high but you get your money’s worth in the long time it takes to use a tube of acrylic paint up, yarn costs a lot.

Costs a lot.
Then you knit with it. Use it up. Hopefully you wear your jumper lots, and hopefully (unlike me, apparently) you wash it.
And then what? You need something else to knit. So you have to buy more.

It’s so hard. Hard because I’m sixteen and am saving nearly all of the money from my Saturday job towards art school. Hard because I’m fussy and refuse to use materials which are cheap in quality. I know that some knitters (or crocheters – stop hounding me!) will buy yarn on impulse, because it’s pretty, but personally I’m not like that. I have to have a purpose.

(…At least, I’m not like that now. I think that I was when I started knitting, for I’ve got various balls and skeins of yarn that I have no desire to knit with.)

I know that I shall simply have to find a compromise, and knit with a second-choice instead. And I’m sure I’ll be perfectly happy when I’ve finished the cardigans.

But even so. I’m dreaming of baby alpaca and silk as I order inexpensive superwash merino.



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