Since I volunteered (and was accepted!) to contribute to this blog I thought that an introduction would be fitting, since I feel that you readers have a right to be aware of whose opinions you are reading. (It makes disagreeing with them all the easier.)

When I was a bit younger I used to contribute to these stupid forums (or Newsgroups, as the Germans fondly call them) where you would be digitally attacked with the short and spiky phrase “A/S/L??!???“. In the same way that I get really frustrated when strangers at gatherings ask “So, what kind of music do you like?“, the A/S/L thing (or Age, Sex, Location) can get old, really fast. But then I think, you’ll get to know me a bit (or at least, a bit better) by actually reading the articles that I’ll write here. So to be a sport, I’ll let you know that my name is Anushka, I’m sixteen, and I reside in London (the original one).

I knit, but rarely follow other designers’ patterns, as well as sew and “do” art. I write a blog at, where I also sell my knitting patterns. (I’ve got several free ones, too.) Oh, and I study French and am a stickler for correct spelling, punctuation and grammar. Don’t be confused if I start writing in another language, and don’t be offended if I correct your sentences.

I’m really looking forward to writing in the Teen Knitter & Crocheter group, and seeing the finished copy. I didn’t directly contribute anything, per se, but I designed the banner/logo (or banner logo) that you can see if you scroll upwards.

Must dash!


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  1. tkacm

    Parfait. 🙂

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