La Banner

Anushka T from Magic-fingers has finished the banner. It is beautiful and unique. However, I did have to crop it to fit the “custom blog banner” requirements, so it’s not exactly all there. In the magazine, you’ll be able to see the whole thing.

The magazine is actually coming along. Working on it has given me a chance to read house everyones writing, and a chance to see how talented everyone is. 😉 I’m itching to release it early this month, but I can wait, and I’m sure you all can wait too!

I have gotten a few stupid emails from people asking questions about TKaCM, (no, not people from ravelry!) coming from my blog;  I wonder if people ask stupid questions to be funny and spam – or do they do it because they really have no clue? I’ve figured that some people just aren’t familliar with the things you are, and they really don’t get the point. Sadly, it’s an annoying thing to deal with. ~ Kaya 


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  1. il me plait que tu aimes la banderole 🙂

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